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There’s no better way to learn about our business than to hear from the people who work here. Below is some of our Sun Chemical UK colleagues sharing their career journeys.

Rick's Story

Sun Chemical is a great place to work – I enjoy working globally with colleagues, customers and partners across many markets and technologies at various stages of maturity, and the challenges that comes with it. I have been given the opportunity to take the latest market trends and Sun Chemical insights globally, to develop and implement market leading strategies to deliver improvements in customer engagement, new products and growth.

I started my career at Sun Chemical 16 years ago as a Business Support Technician. I worked with customers on the qualification of new products, periodic testing and customer complaints. I moved into Technical Sales, looking after water-based inkjet inks and toners in the UK, until I was involved in the growth of Sun Chemical’s digital business globally, as part of SunJet, working across Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

In March 2018 I joined the conventional inks business to head up Specialities. This includes Metal Decoration, Narrow web, Screen, Sheetfed, Streamline and Sun Evo in the UK, Nordics and Baltics. 

My journey at Sun Chemical has been challenging but engaging. There’s been many twists and turns along the way, but on reflection it has been very rewarding and has given lots of opportunities to grow, both within the business and on a personal level. 

Ayesha's Story

Sun Chemical provides opportunity for development, recognises and appreciates the contribution and rewards the efforts. I’ve been working for Sun Chemical for 2 years as a Senior Project Leader and, in this time, I have received Quality recognition awards as an appreciation of my contribution for improving UV Flexo product quality and successful application of KT tools for correct identification of root cause analysis. I have also been awarded the President Award as an acknowledgement of my contribution for meeting customer’s expectations and thus securing the business of existing and potential customers in the future.

I have had an exciting journey with Sun Chemical so far and I was given an opportunity to be a part of Management Development Programme (MDP) which allows me to interact with other business areas of Sun Chemical and helped me to upgrade my skills tool kit. The customers interaction was also an important element of the MDP project and has helped to communicate the message to the customers that innovation is at the heart of Sun Chemical. I am proud to be a part of the UV Flexo team who has supported me throughout my journey at Sun Chemical.

My advice to anyone who is looking to apply for a role with Sun Chemical is to work hard and avail the opportunities – the hard work is valued by Sun Chemical and the efforts are rewarded.

Lesley's Story

My advice to anyone applying for a role with Sun Chemical would be ‘to seize the chance’ because whether you just want to succeed in what you do already, or if you want to progress to something new, the option is there!

I joined Sun Chemical as a Team Leader in the Customer Service Centre. A vacancy came up in our Finance department which I was able to secure on a secondment and, just before I was due to return to my Team Leader role, a job opportunity to join our UK Quality team became available. I had experience of Quality (at a previous employer), applied for the job and was successful securing it – I have not looked back since!

As Quality Performance Manager my role is quite unique, I liaise with a large variety of people which has given me fantastic networking opportunities, both inside and outside of Sun Chemical. I am also part of the wider European Quality, Environmental and Safety team, where sharing ‘best practice’ is actively encouraged – something that is welcomed across the whole of Sun Chemical. 

Prior to working for Sun Chemical, I had no idea how vast and diverse the Ink Manufacturing industry was, but I also had no idea what range of opportunities this could present. I quickly learnt, that if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards for success and progression are there for you to go for and a change of direction is possible. I joined Sun Chemical to continue what I thought was my career path as a Team Leader, but I found my true passion along the way.

David's Story

There are opportunities for everyone and hard work pays off. The opportunities to make a difference are huge and you will get great job satisfaction if you work hard.

As a National Inplants Manager, I have 13 direct reports across the country. Which can be challenging as we work in remote locations, I try to speak to my team as often as I can and grab every opportunity to stay connected.

I work in a team here were we are all hard working and self-motivated and it’s been great seeing my team members progress through the ranks of Sun Chemical.

I have worked for Sun Chemical for 23 years, working hard and long hours has paid off. Sun Chemical has noticed my dedication and commitment and has created opportunities for me to progress within my career.

Peter's Story

My journey at Sun Chemical started in 1989 where I joined the quality control team. Almost thirty years later I am now a Business Director for our digital business operating globally.

Sun Chemical has opened opportunities which have allowed me to take on roles with different responsibilities, helping me to build on both my technical knowledge and gain wider exposure of the business functions. Alongside this Sun Chemical supported me when I decided to go back to university to study a part time degree in chemistry, this was the turning point in my career.

Over the years I have worked within Research and Development, Technical Services, Customer Support and now in Product Management and sales. I have worked hard, travel widely and adapted to each role in line with the customer and business needs. There have been some great challenges along the way and never a dull moment and no two days are the same.

Skott's Story

At Sun Chemical we are like a big family, we may not always agree but will always support each other.

I have been working for Sun Chemical for over 20 years. My journey has been like a roller coaster where I have seen great changes over the years.

I enjoy my job as every day is different and there is a wide variety to my role. As a Senior Operative I have had the opportunity to improve existing processes which have helped the business become more effective and efficient.

Sun Chemical values their employees and shows a real commitment to keeping their people safe. Sun Chemical invests a lot of time and resource into educating its employees around keeping yourself and those around you safe.

One of my greatest challenges are managing customer expectations, this can be very challenging but very satisfying.

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