Community & Wellbeing

We believe Community & Wellbeing isn’t just an initiative, it is about creating a culture and environment where people thrive. Our Community and Wellbeing Programme has equipped our people with the resource and tools they need to give them the power to be healthy, happy and make positive changes. Each site has a community and wellbeing team that focuses on ways to improve relations with the local community and to identify ways of improving employee wellbeing. Additional to this we have partnered with the best providers to provide the best possible support for our employees.

Employee Assistance Programme

Our global EAP supports by giving free legal, financial, wellbeing and medical advice. Provided by an external company called Workplace Solutions, the programme will provide a number of ways of supporting employees with their Emotional, Practical and Physical wellbeing. The service is free to use, completely confidential and can be accessed in a number of ways.

  • Telephone helpline, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Counselling via phone, in person or online
  • Online resources
  • Via App

No matter when, no matter where, employees have access to free, independent, confidential support by phone, email or web. Log into the website to get all the information.

Occupational Health Support

Sun Chemical offers a national and streamlined Occupational Health Service across the UK and Ireland. We are committed to our employees’ current and future health and wellbeing. We recognise that Occupational Health and Safety is of paramount importance in the management of our business and aim to encourage good health through our Occupational Health Services and health promotion activities.

Mental Health First Aiders

At Sun Chemical, we have Mental Health First Aiders who have been trained by Mental Health First Aid England. These employees are committed to supporting their colleagues with their well-being and are ambassadors promoting good mental health at Sun Chemical.

“I feel that being able to give any amount of time to help and support people suffering with mental health issues is important and I want to be able to make a difference where I can. Sun Chemical is committed to providing a working environment and management practices that promote employee wellbeing and good”

Paul Ogden, Sales Account Executive – Distributors & OEM (MHFA)

“As a Mental Health First Aider, I hope to be there for people around me. I feel Sun Chemical values their employees wellbeing and is always looking at ways to ensure we are safe”

Katherine Rosoman, Senior HR Advisor (MHFA)

Sun Chemical values and supports all its staff equally, but working in the field or at a customer brings different stresses to those working on site. Being a Mental Health First Aider within that part of the business allows me to use my role and experience to support those who work away from a Sun Chemical sites on a regular basis.

Matt Robey, Product Application Specialist

Mental Health Awareness

We work with the charity Mind to create mental health awareness training for both our managers and employees. The training sessions have been attended by every manager at Sun Chemical and all employees will have attended by the end of 2022. This training helps all of our employees understand more about mental health issues, how they can spot them in themselves or others and how to improve mental health.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to us. Our UK sites work closely with the communities in which they are based to ensure we are adding to the lives of those who surround us. Here are some activities we are involved in:

  • sponsoring local sport teams and scout groups
  • collect products to give to food banks 
  • hold charity sponsorship events

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