Building a Career

At Sun Chemical we believe in creating and retaining talent, and to do this we have worked hard to make sure our people have access to the tools and opportunities they need to build their skills for not just their current role but to also their next role. We run a number of training courses designed to help employees and team maximise their skills and grow their capability, we encourage employees and managers to identify suitable training courses and regularly run both internal and external training to meet this need.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways has been developed to help employees at Sun Chemical to maximise their potential by exploring and understanding the variety of possible opportunities available. This development plan has helped our people to identify potential career routes outside of their immediate function. We believe that by defining all of the roles at Sun Chemical in a structured and particular way we can help people to identify where there are similarities between roles and what other roles within the business they may be able to do. This has helped Individuals to search and identify potential career routes outside of their immediate function.


Our apprentice programme is designed to helps create an opportunity that will challenge, empower and nurture talent. The Apprenticeship programme is a fantastic alternative to full time education, and a unique opportunity to become part of a diverse, challenging and exciting organisation.

Management Development Programme

We have run a series of successful management development programmes over recent years. The Management Development Programme is a key people development programme that helps us to accelerate the development of high performing individuals who are recognised as having the potential and aspiration to progress their career within our business. It is designed to encourage cross functional movement, develop individuals’ broader understanding of the business and break down the traditional view that careers are solely about climbing the “functional ladder”. The programme is a key element of our People Excellence strategy to grow talent internally and create a more flexible organisation as a result.

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